In recognition of our high standards of safety in the demolition industry, Midwest Steel is proud to announce that we were recently awarded the prestigious Michael J. Casbon Safety Award. The award is given in honor of the late Michael J. Casbon’s legacy of 25 years of service in the construction, demolition, and decontamination industries.

The Michael J. Casbon Safety Award was created by the National Demolition Association (NDA) Awards Committee together with the NDA Safety Committee. Its goal is to honor companies in the demolition and construction industry that have shown the highest standards of safety and excellence in their work. NDA has always encouraged companies of all sizes to apply and participate in order to improve safety standards in the industry.

As an expert in construction, demolition, and decontamination for 25 years, Michael J. Casbon was also a member of the NDA Education Committee, Government Affairs Committee, and Safety Committee. He played a key role in the development of the education series for NDA’s Foundations of Demolition Management course. He also trained over 1,000 compliance officers on the principles of field inspection. Michael Casbon received the NDA Hall of Fame Award posthumously in 2019.

photo of Michael J Casbon

It is no surprise Midwest Steel received this year’s Michael J. Casbon safety award. This is because safety is at the core of all demolition projects at Midwest Steel. We have been an industry leader in the plant demolition and dismantling industry for more than 55 years and our crews have logged over 3.5 million accident-free manhours.

Midwest Steel is also a nationally recognized demolition company with the most innovative and safest dismantling services for a wide range of companies including chemical plants, tank terminals, oil refineries, agricultural and fertilizer companies, and many more.

With headquarters in Houston, Texas, Midwest Steel boasts of having an extensive surplus equipment yard spanning over 20 acres of land. We have demolition and plant dismantling experts who are highly trained to offer the safest, most sustainable, and most economical solutions to companies across the world regardless of the size and scope of the demolition, salvage, and dismantling work.

Our experienced and expert teams understand the importance of getting the job done safely and efficiently. We focus on minimizing costs while maximizing the value of salvage.

Our professional teams have extensive knowledge and experience in the complex processes of dismantling a wide range of plants safely and efficiently. They have all received extensive training on safety and adherence to strict standards when handling every type of dismantling and demolition project.

Midwest Steel thanks the National Demolition Association for recognizing our company as a leader in safe demolition.

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