Midwest Steel is Recognized for Taking Safety Seriously

Midwest Steel takes pride not only in our work but in the safety with which it is performed. Safety has been a core principle of our work culture since the day we opened our doors in 1968. Building a reputation for excellence in the dismantling and demolition industry isn’t easy. 

It takes a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs and expert knowledge of your craft. Particularly when you specialize in dismantling industrial facilities like chemical plants and refineries.

The National Demolition Association’s Michael J. Casbon Safety Award for 2024

All of us at Midwest Steel are extremely proud to have earned The Michael J. Casbon Safety Award for 2024 from The National Demolition Association (NDA). While this isn’t the first time we have been recognized by the NDA for our exceptional safety record – we are always grateful for the acknowledgment and recognition. 

The National Demolition Association (NDA) is the premier education, training, and advocacy group in America’s dismantling and demolition industry.

Dismantling and Demolition with an Eye on Safety

Upholding the highest standards in the dismantling and demolition industry also takes expert knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations. Dismantling and demolition must be done with precision and strictly by the book to get the results our customers expect. 

A critical part of our precision approach to dismantling and demolition is workplace safety. We work hard every day to meet or exceed government safety standards and industry best practices. At Midwest Steel, we never forget that the men and women who do the job deserve the safest possible work environment. 

Safety is About Ethics, Responsibility, and Respect 

Operating a safe work environment is about more than simply meeting obligations, following regulations, or controlling liability. It’s about showing respect for our customers and the people who do the difficult work of dismantling and demolishing oil refineries, chemical plants, storage tanks, and more. 

It’s only natural that Midwest Steel would be one of the country’s safest demolition companies. Because exemplary safety is a product of operating an ethical business that truly cares about its employees and takes pride in its work. 

The Nation’s Best Industrial Demolition Company Takes Pride in Safety

You might say safety is ingrained into our company culture here at Midwest Steel. It’s part of the reason why some of America’s titans in the energy, refining, oil, and gas industries trust Midwest Steel to handle their refinery demolitions and dismantling projects with expert care and precision. 

Our focus has always been on getting the job done correctly, efficiently, and safely while saving you money — It always will be.
Midwest Steel is ready to handle your plant dismantling or demolition jobs, large or small. We handle them all. Find out Midwest Steel can help complete your next project on time and budget by calling (713) 991-7843 or emailing us at [email protected] today.