Midwest Steel is a highly specialized contractor that specializes in refinery and plant demolition for Fortune 500 companies and global enterprises. Plant demolition requires a highly competent team of professionals that are not only experienced in complex demolition projects but also rigorously drilled in safety standards. Our team has tackled hundreds of jobs safely, successfully, and have even managed to provide excellent returns to our clients through our used equipment sales and steel scrap recycling program.

One such project was demolishing a large SunEdison polysilicon plant in Texas. SunEdison’s bankruptcy was due primarily to stiff tariffs imposed on photoactive chemicals by the Chinese government. Many of our demolition and dismantling projects are ultimately a result of changing market conditions that require companies to redesign their means of production or remove old ones entirely.

SunEdison is the leading renewable energy development company in the world. In addition to developing, building, owning, and operating solar power plants and wind energy plants, it also manufactured high purity polysiliconmonocrystalline silicon ingotssilicon waferssolar modulessolar energy systems, and solar module racking systems. Originally a silicon-wafer manufacturer established in 1959 as the Monsanto Electronic Materials Company, the company was sold by Monsanto in 1989. Polysilicon, while incredibly useful, is also very hazardous and inhalation can cause severe respiratory irritation. In liquid form, it can cause severe burns.

The US Bankruptcy Court allowed SunEdison (as debtor-in-possession) to handle demolition of the massive plant and removal of all equipment, piping, and structures from the site which was being leased from another chemical manufacturer. Senior Management from SunEdison contacted Midwest Steel because of their previous work, and Midwest Steel’s unique ability to dismantle the plant safely while salvaging as much value as possible from the equipment and scrap metal. The Court approved SunEdison’s recommendation and awarded a demolition contract to Midwest Steel on a sole-source basis, which is highly uncommon in a bankruptcy case.

Mobilizing Our Fleet

From there, Midwest Steel mobilized crews and equipment to the jobsite and demolished the plant over the next 100 days. In the process Midwest Steel removed over 1 million pounds of used equipment and ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal for resale and recycling. Our efficient recycling and salvaging of equipment and scrap metal furthers global sustainability efforts and helps our clients be as eco-friendly as possible. By recycling, the steel industry produces enough energy savings to supply the yearly electricity required for 18 million homes. A single ton of steel recycled conserves 2500lbs of iron ore, 1400lbs of coal and 120lbs of limestone, and reduces the facility’s carbon footprint by 1.67 tons of CO2 equivalent!

We own an extensive fleet of heavy machinery and equipment that are utilizing EPA Tier III emission reduction packages. Midwest Steel self-performed all of the demolition work using our own personnel and equipment – at our sole expense. We paid almost $2 million to SunEdison from the proceeds of equipment and scrap metal sales allowing the creditors to recoup a portion of their investment in assets. The project was completed on schedule and under budget, with no safety or environmental incidents, allowing SunEdison to vacate the site in full compliance with the court order and their lease agreement.

Plant Demolition with Midwest Steel

There are a tremendous number of regulations as well as concerns that must be accounted for when demolishing a complex structure where hazardous materials are produced. Midwest Steel is routinely chosen for refinery dismantling and plant demolition because of our peerless quality of work as well as our exceptional track record for adhering to deadlines, EPA regulations, and safety guidelines.

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