Man working on plant dismantling site - Health & Safety verified by ISN RAVS Plus

    ISN RAVS Plus

    Midwest Steel is proud to announce our completion of 100% of the ISN RAVS Plus process for our clients. Midwest Steel continues to provide reliable and quality services with Health and Safety being a top priority.

    ISN developed the RAVS Plus process to help gather evidence that written health, safety and environmental (HSE) programs have been implemented by contractor customers throughout their organizations. The RAVS Plus service focuses on leading measures of HSE performance.

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    800-Ton Structure Demolition

    Midwest Steel team takes group photo in front of 800-Ton Structure Demolition

    Midwest Steel razed this Regnerator/Reactor Structure using gravity and inertia instead of cranes or explosives to topple the huge 800-ton structure.  The Midwest Steel crew can now safely demolish the structure at ground level using our portable hydraulic shears and cutting torches. Work will continue until the FCCU Unit is completely removed so new construction can begin in this Gulf Coast Refinery.

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    Controlled Collapse

    Midwest Steel crews use the controlled collapse technique to dismantle a tall structure inside an operating refinery on the Gulf Coast.  This methodology perfected by Midwest Steel over 5 decades not only accelerates production but also reduces exposure to working from heights and prevents crane accidents.

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