Process Equipment Sales

    As an industry leader, Midwest Steel strives to provide our clients with the most cost-effective solutions for their process equipment needs. When it is time for your company to purchase process equipment, connect with the experts at Midwest Steel first.

    Surplus and Used Process Equipment Sales in Houston, TX

    Midwest Steel has been Houston’s trusted reseller of surplus and used process equipment. Our company’s roots began in recycling and repurposing to provide maximum value for our customers. Even before Midwest Steel opened its doors, our founder, Richard Kralovetz began a scrap metal recycling business that would plant the seed which grew into the company we are today.

    Today, Midwest Steel is a recognized leader in the demolition and dismantling of refineries and plants, surplus and used process equipment sales, scrap metal recycling, and more. We build our name and reputation by understanding our customer’s needs better than anyone else — and going above and beyond to meet or exceed their needs.

    Time is Money — Midwest Steel Helps You Save Both

    Midwest Steel maintains a vast inventory of used and surplus process equipment at our Houston yard and dismantling job sites. Purchasing used equipment lowers your project costs and reduces delivery times compared to having custom fabrication done. When you do the math — it’s an easy decision. Midwest Steel offers savings that few demolition or dismantling companies can match.

    Our seasoned team of professionals understand your time and budget constraints. Let us help you get the most out of your budget by recommending the best purchase option for your specific needs.

    Some of the core principles we focus on at Midwest Steel include:

    • Sustainability
    • Safety
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Transparency
    • Efficiency
    • ROI

    How Surplus and Used Process Equipment Improve Efficiency

    Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are something of an obsession for us at Midwest Steel. A lot of our focus is directed toward the most efficient ways to safely dismantle tanks or demolish structures at refineries, plants, and other industrial sites. Our work requires precision and safety and a careful eye on working efficiently and watching the balance sheet.

    One of the ways we help improve efficiency and control costs for our customers is through our surplus and used process equipment business. Whether it’s reactors, heat exchangers, tanks, pumps, or compressors — your process equipment represents a serious investment. Buying used equipment or selling your surplus equipment is an excellent way to maximize ROI on these assets.

    Surplus and used process equipment sales help save time and money by:

    • Reducing Acquisition Costs: Businesses can save up to 50% or more by buying used process equipment instead of new equipment. Process equipment is a serious investment — over time, buying used equipment adds up to real savings.
    • Immediate Availability: Unlike new equipment that often has long lead times due to manufacturing or shipping delays, our surplus and used equipment is generally available for immediate use.

    Industries We Serve with Used Process Equipment and More

    We deliver innovative surplus and used equipment solutions to industry professionals worldwide through our extensive surplus and used process equipment inventory. Leading industrial companies trust our superior selection for all their production needs.

    • Oil Refineries
    • Energy Companies
    • Gas & Petroleum Companies
    • Chemical Manufacturers
    • Pulp and Paper Companies
    • Mining and Processing Companies
    • Agricultural and Fertilizer Companies

    Our Inventory of Process Equipment in Houston, TX

    Midwest Steel is continuously refreshing and updating our expansive inventory of the used and surplus process equipment our customers need most. Contact us with any questions, or if there is something in particular you are looking for.

    Just some of the items we stock in our Houston process equipment lot include: 

    Midwest Steel: Used Process Equipment Sales & Much More

    From tanks to turbines, heat exchangers, pumps and vessels, the process equipment sales team at Midwest Steel has what you need. Knowledge, experience, integrity, and efficiency are what you get when Midwest Steel is in your corner.

    Whether it’s demolition, dismantling, process equipment or scrap metal recycling you need — Midwest Steel should be your very first call.

    Start optimizing your business operations today by checking out our full inventory of process equipment sales, call us at (713) 991-7843 or send us an email to get started.