Process Equipment Sales

    As a leader in our industry, we strive to provide our clients with the most cost effective solutions for their process equipment needs. When it is time for your company to purchase process equipment, turn to the experts at Midwest Steel first.

    Providing Solutions That Save Time and Reduce Project Costs

    Our inventory of used and surplus process equipment located at our Houston yard reduces your project costs and cuts down on delivery times compared to having custom fabrication done elsewhere. With our surplus and used process equipment sales, we offer our clients the most efficient, timely, and cost-effective solutions.

    We can also source process equipment directly from our dismantling job sites, providing our clients with even more savings that few other companies can match. Our experienced team understands your time and budget constraints, so let us help you get the most out of your budget by recommending the best purchase option for your specific needs.

    Premier Source Of Used and Surplus Process Equipment

    Midwest Steel is the premier source for industrial professionals looking to save money and time. From our inventory of used process equipment to surplus process equipment, Midwest Steel offers a wide variety of options that can improve your bottom line.

    At Midwest Steel, we pride ourselves in having the ability to stand out among our competitors as an industry leader in process equipment sales. Our experienced team knows how to offer options to deliver equipment faster and at a lower cost than new.

    Providing Process Equipment To The Following Industries

    We deliver innovative surplus and used equipment solutions to industry professionals worldwide through our extensive inventory of surplus and used process equipment. Our superior selection is trusted by leading industrial companies for all their production needs.

    • Oil Refineries
    • Energy Companies
    • Gas & Petroleum Companies
    • Chemical Manufacturers
    • Pulp and Paper Companies
    • Mining and Processing Companies
    • Agricultural and Fertilizer Companies

    Our Process Equipment Inventory

    Midwest Steel has a constantly changing inventory, including the following types of process equipment:

    Trust The Industry Experts at Midwest Steel For All Your Process Equipment Needs

    From tanks to turbines, heat exchangers, pumps and vessels, the process equipment sales team at Midwest Steel is here to provide you with options for your needs. We take pride in being knowledgeable about the requirements of our clients. With our years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to help you find excellent solutions for your equipment needs. Our unparalleled level of service ensures that you will always get a great overall value, making us the smart choice for businesses looking to acquire used and surplus process equipment.

    Start optimizing your business’ operations today by checking out our full inventory of process equipment sales, call us or send us an email to get started.