Midwest Steel Wins 2024 National Safety Award

    Midwest Steel is Recognized for Taking Safety Seriously

    Midwest Steel takes pride not only in our work but in the safety with which it is performed. Safety has been a core principle of our work culture since the day we opened our doors in 1968. Building a reputation for excellence in the dismantling and demolition industry isn’t easy. 

    It takes a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs and expert knowledge of your craft. Particularly when you specialize in dismantling industrial facilities like chemical plants and refineries.

    The National Demolition Association’s Michael J. Casbon Safety Award for 2024

    All of us at Midwest Steel are extremely proud to have earned The Michael J. Casbon Safety Award for 2024 from The National Demolition Association (NDA). While this isn’t the first time we have been recognized by the NDA for our exceptional safety record – we are always grateful for the acknowledgment and recognition. 

    The National Demolition Association (NDA) is the premier education, training, and advocacy group in America’s dismantling and demolition industry.

    Dismantling and Demolition with an Eye on Safety

    Upholding the highest standards in the dismantling and demolition industry also takes expert knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations. Dismantling and demolition must be done with precision and strictly by the book to get the results our customers expect. 

    A critical part of our precision approach to dismantling and demolition is workplace safety. We work hard every day to meet or exceed government safety standards and industry best practices. At Midwest Steel, we never forget that the men and women who do the job deserve the safest possible work environment. 

    Safety is About Ethics, Responsibility, and Respect 

    Operating a safe work environment is about more than simply meeting obligations, following regulations, or controlling liability. It’s about showing respect for our customers and the people who do the difficult work of dismantling and demolishing oil refineries, chemical plants, storage tanks, and more. 

    It’s only natural that Midwest Steel would be one of the country’s safest demolition companies. Because exemplary safety is a product of operating an ethical business that truly cares about its employees and takes pride in its work. 

    The Nation’s Best Industrial Demolition Company Takes Pride in Safety

    You might say safety is ingrained into our company culture here at Midwest Steel. It’s part of the reason why some of America’s titans in the energy, refining, oil, and gas industries trust Midwest Steel to handle their refinery demolitions and dismantling projects with expert care and precision. 

    Our focus has always been on getting the job done correctly, efficiently, and safely while saving you money — It always will be.
    Midwest Steel is ready to handle your plant dismantling or demolition jobs, large or small. We handle them all. Find out Midwest Steel can help complete your next project on time and budget by calling (713) 991-7843 or emailing us at [email protected] today.

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    Experienced demolition company - Midwest Steel

    The Benefits of Working With an Experienced Demolition Company

    Where Demolition Companies Fit Into The Industrial Site Lifecycle

    Dismantling and Demolition are part of the life cycle of any oil refinery or industrial site. The time comes when your company has extracted the most value possible from a facility or it’s no longer meeting your needs and you would like to build a new unit to produce a new product slate. That’s when you call in an experienced demolition company to handle the job. 

    Whatever your reasons may be for hiring a demolition company, choosing the right people for the job can make a much bigger difference than most people realize. Ensuring that all environmental and safety regulations are observed to the letter, and getting the maximum ROI out of any used process equipment and scrap metals to be recycled are just a few of the things Midwest Steel can do for your company. 

    Managing Scrap Metal With Efficiency

    If there is one material that is found in abundance at oil refineries, plants, and manufacturing facilities — it’s scrap metal. One of the many benefits of working with demolition companies that have specific experience with your industry is that they know what to expect. Nothing that’s found at your site, nor any unforeseen eventuality is likely to catch them by surprise. More than that, they know how to ensure materials do not go to waste.

    As per various sources, construction and demolition waste contribute to approximately 40% of America’s waste stream. So handling scrap metal properly not only puts money back on the balance sheet, but it’s also environmentally and socially responsible. More than that, scrap metal harvesting lowers the cost of your demolition job. You may even find that some parts and pieces can be repurposed at your own operations. What you can be sure of is that if Midwest Steel is handling your project, an experienced demolition company, it will be done with the maximum of efficiency. 

    A Demolition Company That Handles Used Process Equipment Sales

    Another area where Midwest Steel can be of service to you is used process equipment sales. The process equipment used at oil refineries and other industrial facilities isn’t cheap, but, luckily it tends to be very durable. That’s good for your bottom line because it means you can either reuse your equipment elsewhere or you can extract value from it after you’re done using it. Whichever route you choose, Midwest Steel can help. 

    We handle used processed equipment sales regularly. We know how to evaluate the machinery your industry relies upon. We can get you great ROI on the equipment you no longer need, move equipment to a new site or sell you quality used process equipment from the large and varied inventory we maintain at our Houston lot set aside for process equipment alone. 

    Partner with One of America’s Best Demolition Companies

    America’s largest industrial corporations trust Midwest Steel to execute their essential plant demolitions and plant dismantling projects. Our reputation has been earned through over 50 years of experience. Five decades in this field have enabled us to develop systems, protocols and relationships that help get the job done efficiently and safely while saving you money. 

    No plant dismantling or demolition project is too big for Midwest Steel. We handle them all. Find out Midwest Steel can help get your next project done on time and on budget by calling (713) 991-7843 today.

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    machinery dismantling structure - providing ROI on project

    How the Right Plant Dismantling and Demolition Partner Improves ROI

    Efficient Plant Dismantling Requires Wise Resource Management 

    When oil refinery owners and other key decision-makers consider who to choose as a plant demolition or plant dismantling partner they should always look at the big picture. There is much to consider in a project of this scale. 

    Plant dismantling is often a critical step that must occur before a site can become operational and effective. Getting it done safely, on schedule, and within budget parameters is crucial. There’s a lot riding on your plant demolition or dismantling going according to plan. One of the factors that deserves your attention is the return on investment (ROI) of the endeavor. 

    Dismantling To Upgrade or Repurpose Saves Time and Money

    Another key benefit of plant dismantling and demolition is that it enables a much more rapid turnaround time to get a new or upgraded facility online. Planning and permitting for a new site can take as long as 8 years depending on the industry, state, and condition of the site.  

    That’s potentially 8 years where your land and site are at sub-par productivity, at best. At worst, the site will actually be costing you money and losing you business during much of that time. By dismantling an existing site or facility, you can bypass the most time-consuming parts of the process and be up and running in closer to 8 months, rather than 8 years. 

    Protecting Your Investments with Smart Plant Dismantling and Demolition

    We’re usually used to thinking of ROI in terms of the products a site can produce or perhaps the value of a piece of land that has been appreciated. But consider the following: The equipment and resources involved in your plant dismantling are investments. 

    Making certain that valuable industrial processing equipment is protected and handled properly so it can be redeployed or sold is important here. One of the many helpful services we provide at Midwest Steel is industrial equipment sales. 

    Industrial Processing Equipment Sales and The Big Picture 

    Whether you want to ensure you get the most value out of your equipment through resale, or you are looking to buy used process equipment, Midwest Steel is the partner to help you facilitate your goals. 

    As a key decision-maker or important member of staff involved in day-to-day operations, you know that part of running a successful business is savvy resource management. This means not only knowing the value of your resources and used process equipment but also making sure that materials and equipment are pulling their weight. 

    Anything that’s no longer acting as an asset or has become obsolete should be phased out of stock and you should extract the maximum value you can from it. When you partner with Midwest Steel for your plant dismantling or demolition, we streamline that process for you from start to finish. 

    When you think about it, choosing a partner with the plant demolition and dismantling experience Midwest Steel has should be an easy decision.

    Partner with Midwest Steel for Plant Demolition and Dismantling

    America’s largest petrochemical corporations trust Midwest Steel to execute their essential plant demolitions and plant dismantling projects. Our reputation has been earned through over 50 years of experience. Five decades in this field have enabled us to develop systems, protocols and relationships that help get the job done efficiently and safely while providing excellent ROI on our projects. 
    No plant dismantling or demolition project is too big for Midwest Steel. We handle them all. Find out Midwest Steel can help get your next project done on time and on budget by calling (713) 991-7843 today.

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    Dismantling vs. Demolition

    Plant Dismantling vs. Demolition

    Dismantling vs. Demolition, what are the differences? The terms plant dismantling and plant demolition are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are major differences between them in the context of decommissioning an industrial facility like an oil refinery.

    At Midwest Steel, we provide a range of professional services which include demolition and dismantling as well as handling surplus process equipment and scrap metal. With over 50 years of experience, Midwest Steel is also proactively engaged in raising awareness about the value of the services we provide. It’s helpful to understand the differences between demolition and dismantling and the advantages each provides. This brief article explains both. 

    Plant Dismantling and Tank Dismantling

    When a plant has reached the end of its useful life, its assets are needed at another location, and/or the site needs to be expanded or repurposed, plant dismantling is the usual procedure. 

    Plant dismantling typically refers to a project performed at a chemical plant, gas processing plant, or similar industrial facility where the facility or its components have significant potential to be redeployed within the plant owner’s organization, or potential for resale on the used equipment market.  

    This may include modular facilities, like cryogenic gas plants that are practical to dismantle and redeploy.  It may also include individual equipment items with a wide range of applications, like ASME pressure vessels, propane tanks, reactors, and heat exchangers, particularly for items with long lead times. 

    Ideally, the plant owner will partner with a contractor like Midwest Steel that has decades of experience in dismantling plants and selling used process equipment. This is the best way forward to minimize overhead expenses and maximize their investment recovery.

    Plant Demolition and Tank Demolition

    Plant demolition generally refers to the act of tearing down or destroying the structures. While it often involves separating materials for recycling, plant demolition is generally a more aggressive and involved procedure. Plant demolition is a popular option when a facility and its equipment have become obsolete due to technological advancements or deterioration.  

    In many cases, a plant owner chooses to remove the obsolete and aging equipment and process units and replace them with new production facilities that are more efficient, and produce a more profitable range of products.  For those projects, most of the demolished equipment will be sold as scrap metal rather than being reused or sold on the secondary market.  

    Time is of the essence for plant demolition projects, as the chief objective is usually getting the plant back into operation efficiently and safely. This way, the owner’s new product can reach the marketplace as quickly as possible. 

    Plant demolition requires hiring a partner like Midwest Steel who has a proven track record in order to ensure smooth performance and timely completion. Midwest Steel also brings a presence in the recycling industry to the table, which helps to maximize the scrap metal credit that is passed through to the plant owner. 

    When it Comes to Plant Dismantling and Demolition – Experience Matters 

    Whether Midwest Steel performs a plant demolition or dismantling for you, we always follow federal, state, and local regulations and execute the work in a safe and environmentally sound manner. If you are decommissioning a refinery entirely, then there will usually be both demolition and dismantling occurring to some extent. 

    Of course, every project is a bit different. Midwest Steel has over a half-century of experience in the field. We take a very pragmatic approach, assessing each site carefully and discussing the options with our client so we can understand their goals and make appropriate recommendations. 

    Midwest Steel: Your Trusted Industrial Demolition and Dismantling Partner 

    Many of the largest petrochemical companies in the world trust Midwest Steel to handle their critical plant demolitions and dismantling because of our over 50 years of experience. Decades in this business have allowed us to develop processes and procedures that get jobs done quickly and safely while saving you money. 
    No industrial demolition project is too big or too small for Midwest Steel. We handle them all. Find out Midwest Steel can help get your next project done on time and on budget by calling (713) 991-7843 today.

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    Top 4 Myths About Dismantling and Demolition

    Myth 1: Dismantling and Demolition are Dangerous and Messy

    This is one of the most common misconceptions about dismantling and demolishing equipment, process units, plants, and refineries. The truth is people hire expert demolition contractors like Midwest Steel because we are uniquely qualified to get the job done safely and properly. We’ve been doing it for over 50 years without a single OSHA safety citation in fact.

    Careful and precise planning is done before we deconstruct your site or facility. In fact, our well-trained professionals follow safety protocols that meet or exceed legal requirements. We handle your demolition with great care from start to finish. That’s why over 90% of our clients are return customers or referrals. 

    Dismantling and Demolition in progress at worksite

    Myth 2: Any Contractor Can Handle Demolition and Dismantling 

    Plant dismantling and demolition and associated projects are highly specialized work. Midwest Steel has a half-century of experience in safely and efficiently demolishing equipment, plants, refineries, and more. No matter how challenging your project may seem, we have the expertise to get it done right. 

    Not only can we dismantle and demolish tanks and terminals, but we also handle scrap metal recycling and selling surplus plant equipment. When you need an industrial demolition job done safely and efficiently with the absolute minimum of hassles, Midwest Steel is the partner you want in your corner. 

    Myth 3: Dismantling and Demolition Are Bad for the Environment

    Yet another misunderstanding we often encounter about steel dismantling and demolition is that these services aren’t environmentally sound. The reality is the exact opposite. The services Midwest Steel provides promote sustainability and environmental stewardship. Scrap metal recycling and surplus equipment sales ensure that your valuable resources do not go to waste.

    Midwest Steel believes we all have a responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth and our natural resources and our personal and professional ethics reflect that belief. But the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Our 51 years in business without a single EPA citation stands as evidence of our commitment to environmental responsibility. 

    Myth 4 Demolition and Dismantling Are Not Cost Effective

    As we all know, demolition is part of business. The old must be cleared away to make room for the new. The key is partnering with a top-tier dismantling and demolition contractor who will make the best use of your resources. 

    For example, we can source process equipment directly from our dismantling job sites to deliver our clients convenience and savings that our competition simply cannot match. Our scrap metal recycling and used and surplus plant equipment sales ensure your resources never go to waste. 

    From tanks and turbines, to heat exchangers pumps, and vessels, our process equipment sales pros can see that you get what you need to keep your project moving forward on time and on budget. 

    Midwest Steel: Your Trusted Industrial Demolition and Dismantling Partner 

    Industry heavyweights like Shell Chemical LP and Valero Refining trust Midwest Steel to handle their most important plant and refinery demolitions and dismantling because of our experience and reputation. Decades in this business have allowed us to develop processes and procedures that get jobs done quickly and safely while saving you money.

    Our family business is more than 50 years in the making. Our foundation is uncompromising customer service that is second to none. In fact, we can spend less on advertising than most of our competition because our customers stay loyal and refer their friends and associates to us. 
    No industrial demolition project is too big or too small for Midwest Steel. We handle them all. Find out Midwest Steel can help get your next project done on time and on budget by calling (713) 991-7843 today.

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    Midwest Steel recycling scrap metal

    Midwest Steel’s Recycling Initiatives and Sustainable Practices

    Midwest Steel, a leading company in the demolition industry, has taken significant steps to promote sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint. Over the past five years, the company’s commitment to recycling and implementing environmentally friendly practices has yielded impressive results. This article focuses on Midwest Steel’s recycling efforts (such as recycling scrap metal) during their demolition services and their impact on reducing carbon emissions and promoting a more sustainable future.

    Recycling Initiative for Scrap Metal:

    Recycling Scrap Metal
    Scrap metal collection for recyling

    Midwest Steel has made substantial progress in recycling scrap metal, resulting in significant environmental benefits. From 2018 through 2022, the company successfully recycled a staggering 254 million pounds of scrap metal. By diverting this material from landfills and reusing it in various industries, the company has effectively reduced its carbon footprint by over 100 million foot-pounds of CO2 equivalent. These efforts align with the data provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).

    Apart from scrap metal, by converting virtually all of the concrete and masonry waste from its demolition services and operations into aggregate base course material, the company conserves large amounts of natural resources by keeping the waste out of traditional landfills. This material is used to support roads and parking lots.

    Transition to EPA Tier IV Engines:

    environmentally friendly Engine concept

    In a proactive move, Midwest Steel committed to replacing its entire fleet of diesel-powered heavy equipment with EPA Tier IV engines, surpassing the strictest emission standards years before any nationwide mandate was proposed by the US EPA. By adopting these advanced engines, the company has achieved remarkable reductions in particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions, with reductions of up to 99%. This proactive approach demonstrates the company’s dedication to minimizing its environmental impact and promoting cleaner air quality.

    Opting for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel:

    Despite meeting regulatory requirements, Midwest Steel has chosen to use the more expensive Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel whenever possible for operating its heavy equipment. By combining ULSD with Tier IV engines, the company has achieved several environmental benefits. The use of ULSD has led to a substantial reduction in exhaust smoke by 90%, sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions by 90%, and toxic aromatic hydrocarbons by 80%. Moreover, compared to Off-Road Diesel fuel, ULSD produces lower levels of particulate matter (PM) emissions by 20% and generates less waste oil. The company’s commitment to using ULSD showcases its dedication to prioritizing sustainability over cost-saving measures.

    Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel form

    Improved Air Quality and Health Benefits:

    By opting for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel in conjunction with Tier IV engines, Midwest Steel not only reduces harmful emissions but also improves air quality, leading to numerous health benefits. The substantial reduction in exhaust smoke, sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions, and toxic aromatic hydrocarbons significantly minimizes the pollutants released into the air during equipment operation. This contributes to cleaner and healthier air for both workers on-site and the surrounding communities.

    Reducing particulate matter (PM) emissions by 20% further enhances air quality, as PM pollution has been linked to respiratory issues and other health problems. By actively choosing ULSD, Midwest Steel reduces the potential health risks associated with exposure to high levels of PM.

    Additionally, the use of ULSD results in less waste oil generation compared to Off-Road Diesel fuel. This reduction in waste oil aligns with the company’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact and waste production, further reinforcing its dedication to sustainability.

    By prioritizing the use of ULSD, the company demonstrates its responsibility and concern for the well-being of the environment and the communities in which it operates. The decision to prioritize sustainability over cost-saving measures highlights the company’s commitment to making a positive impact and improving the overall quality of life for all stakeholders.


    In conclusion, Midwest Steel’s sustainability efforts in recycling scrap metal, transitioning to EPA Tier IV engines, and opting for Ultra-low Sulfur diesel fuel have yielded significant environmental benefits. By recycling millions of pounds of scrap metal, the company has successfully reduced its carbon footprint and contributed to a more sustainable future. The adoption of advanced engines and the use of cleaner fuels have significantly reduced emissions, improved air quality, and promoted a healthier environment. 

    Thus, Midwest Steel’s commitment to sustainability sets a commendable example for the demolition services industry and emphasizes the importance of proactive environmental practices. Visit the Midwest Steel website to learn more about their services and accomplishments in the demolition industry!

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    Midwest Steel Awarded the Coveted Michael J. Casbon Safety Award

    In recognition of our high standards of safety in the demolition industry, Midwest Steel is proud to announce that we were recently awarded the prestigious Michael J. Casbon Safety Award. The award is given in honor of the late Michael J. Casbon’s legacy of 25 years of service in the construction, demolition, and decontamination industries.

    The Michael J. Casbon Safety Award was created by the National Demolition Association (NDA) Awards Committee together with the NDA Safety Committee. Its goal is to honor companies in the demolition and construction industry that have shown the highest standards of safety and excellence in their work. NDA has always encouraged companies of all sizes to apply and participate in order to improve safety standards in the industry.

    As an expert in construction, demolition, and decontamination for 25 years, Michael J. Casbon was also a member of the NDA Education Committee, Government Affairs Committee, and Safety Committee. He played a key role in the development of the education series for NDA’s Foundations of Demolition Management course. He also trained over 1,000 compliance officers on the principles of field inspection. Michael Casbon received the NDA Hall of Fame Award posthumously in 2019.

    photo of Michael J Casbon

    It is no surprise Midwest Steel received this year’s Michael J. Casbon safety award. This is because safety is at the core of all demolition projects at Midwest Steel. We have been an industry leader in the plant demolition and dismantling industry for more than 55 years and our crews have logged over 3.5 million accident-free manhours.

    Midwest Steel is also a nationally recognized demolition company with the most innovative and safest dismantling services for a wide range of companies including chemical plants, tank terminals, oil refineries, agricultural and fertilizer companies, and many more.

    With headquarters in Houston, Texas, Midwest Steel boasts of having an extensive surplus equipment yard spanning over 20 acres of land. We have demolition and plant dismantling experts who are highly trained to offer the safest, most sustainable, and most economical solutions to companies across the world regardless of the size and scope of the demolition, salvage, and dismantling work.

    Our experienced and expert teams understand the importance of getting the job done safely and efficiently. We focus on minimizing costs while maximizing the value of salvage.

    Our professional teams have extensive knowledge and experience in the complex processes of dismantling a wide range of plants safely and efficiently. They have all received extensive training on safety and adherence to strict standards when handling every type of dismantling and demolition project.

    Midwest Steel thanks the National Demolition Association for recognizing our company as a leader in safe demolition.

    Learn More About Midwest Steel’s Services

    Midwest Steel combines over 55 years of experience with the latest techniques and technologies in the industry to offer the safest and most cost-effective dismantling and demolition services.

    If you need efficient and reliable industrial dismantling services, Midwest Steel is your best option. Contact us today or visit to learn more about our services.

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    Midwest steel 55th Anniversary Image

    Midwest Steel 55th Anniversary: Pioneering The Demolition Industry For 55 Years

    Midwest Steel 55th Anniversary: Midwest Steel has been at the forefront of the plant dismantling and demolition industry for over 55 years. As nationally recognized and trusted demolition contractors, we provide innovative dismantling services to chemical plants, oil refineries, tank terminals, and other industrial sites. 

    At our headquarters based in Houston, Texas, we have almost 20 acres of land that house our extensive surplus equipment yard. Our experts take pride in our ability to offer sustainable, innovative, and economical solutions to companies around the world– no matter their dismantling, demolition or salvage needs. We are the preferred contractors for some of the world’s leading industrial corporations and we are at the center of the nation’s oil, gas & petrochemical industry.

    Our Genesis

    Originating from a plan and a truck, Midwest Steel was established in 1957. Richard Kralovetz was an ingenious businessman who started small with an idea to purchase and recycle batteries on the West Coast. Less than 10 years later, he had positioned himself as a respected leader in the demolition and salvage industry. Quickly gaining recognition for his integrity and honesty, his customers soon turned to him for all their dismantling and demolition needs. In the process, Midwest Steel pioneered the use of the hydraulic shears which have become the gold standard of the modern demolition business. This history and our superior performance have made Midwest Steel what it is today. A company that not only respected the environment but also provided superior scrap metal solutions for oil and gas, chemical, mining, pulp and paper, and other heavy industries across the country.

    Our Expertise & Experience

    At Midwest Steel, we understand how important it is to get the job done efficiently by working safer while also minimizing costs by maximizing salvage value. That is why we take pride in our expertise and experience when it comes to all of our dismantling projects. Our teams are made up of highly experienced and trained professionals who have extensive knowledge about the complex process of demolishing process plants. We are unequivocally committed to safety— all of our employees receive rigorous safety training and consistently adhere to strict standards on every project site. This ensures that every job gets done carefully and efficiently without any unnecessary delays.

    Our Unique Approach

    One thing that sets Midwest Steel apart from other industrial dismantling companies is our unique perspective towards each project we work on. We believe in taking an individualized approach when it comes to dismantling projects because every job is different and requires its own specific set of requirements. To ensure that each job is completed with maximum efficiency and minimal cost, we conduct detailed surveys before starting a project, allowing our team to develop an effective plan that is tailored specifically to the task at hand.

    Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology before beginning any kind of demolition work which helps us accurately plan out every step of the process ensuring maximum efficiency on-site. By combining our expertise with advanced technologies, we guarantee you will get your project done quickly while staying within budget constraints.

    Highly-Respected Industry Leaders For Over 55 Years and Counting

    At Midwest Steel, we have been and always will be committed to providing top quality services at competitive prices without ever compromising on safety or efficiency. Our tried and true approach to safety can be displayed through the numerous awards and commendations that we have received over the years. We have been selected by Engineering News Record as one of the leading specialty contractors in the United States. In addition, ExxonMobil Corporation awarded us as being one of the top 50 contractors across their entire range of domestic operations, as well as landing a position in their Core Contractor Leadership Team. 

    With over 55 years of experience in the industry combined with our state-of-the-art techniques & technologies– companies can trust us for all their dismantling and demolition needs. When you need dependable & reliable services for your next industrial dismantling job then Midwest Steel should be at the top of your list. Contact us today for more information on how we can help make your next demolition project a success!

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    SunEdison Polysilicon Plant Demolition

    Midwest Steel is a highly specialized contractor that specializes in refinery and plant demolition for Fortune 500 companies and global enterprises. Plant demolition requires a highly competent team of professionals that are not only experienced in complex demolition projects but also rigorously drilled in safety standards. Our team has tackled hundreds of jobs safely, successfully, and have even managed to provide excellent returns to our clients through our used equipment sales and steel scrap recycling program.

    One such project was demolishing a large SunEdison polysilicon plant in Texas. SunEdison’s bankruptcy was due primarily to stiff tariffs imposed on photoactive chemicals by the Chinese government. Many of our demolition and dismantling projects are ultimately a result of changing market conditions that require companies to redesign their means of production or remove old ones entirely.

    SunEdison is the leading renewable energy development company in the world. In addition to developing, building, owning, and operating solar power plants and wind energy plants, it also manufactured high purity polysiliconmonocrystalline silicon ingotssilicon waferssolar modulessolar energy systems, and solar module racking systems. Originally a silicon-wafer manufacturer established in 1959 as the Monsanto Electronic Materials Company, the company was sold by Monsanto in 1989. Polysilicon, while incredibly useful, is also very hazardous and inhalation can cause severe respiratory irritation. In liquid form, it can cause severe burns.

    The US Bankruptcy Court allowed SunEdison (as debtor-in-possession) to handle demolition of the massive plant and removal of all equipment, piping, and structures from the site which was being leased from another chemical manufacturer. Senior Management from SunEdison contacted Midwest Steel because of their previous work, and Midwest Steel’s unique ability to dismantle the plant safely while salvaging as much value as possible from the equipment and scrap metal. The Court approved SunEdison’s recommendation and awarded a demolition contract to Midwest Steel on a sole-source basis, which is highly uncommon in a bankruptcy case.

    Mobilizing Our Fleet

    From there, Midwest Steel mobilized crews and equipment to the jobsite and demolished the plant over the next 100 days. In the process Midwest Steel removed over 1 million pounds of used equipment and ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal for resale and recycling. Our efficient recycling and salvaging of equipment and scrap metal furthers global sustainability efforts and helps our clients be as eco-friendly as possible. By recycling, the steel industry produces enough energy savings to supply the yearly electricity required for 18 million homes. A single ton of steel recycled conserves 2500lbs of iron ore, 1400lbs of coal and 120lbs of limestone, and reduces the facility’s carbon footprint by 1.67 tons of CO2 equivalent!

    We own an extensive fleet of heavy machinery and equipment that are utilizing EPA Tier III emission reduction packages. Midwest Steel self-performed all of the demolition work using our own personnel and equipment – at our sole expense. We paid almost $2 million to SunEdison from the proceeds of equipment and scrap metal sales allowing the creditors to recoup a portion of their investment in assets. The project was completed on schedule and under budget, with no safety or environmental incidents, allowing SunEdison to vacate the site in full compliance with the court order and their lease agreement.

    Plant Demolition with Midwest Steel

    There are a tremendous number of regulations as well as concerns that must be accounted for when demolishing a complex structure where hazardous materials are produced. Midwest Steel is routinely chosen for refinery dismantling and plant demolition because of our peerless quality of work as well as our exceptional track record for adhering to deadlines, EPA regulations, and safety guidelines.

    Contact Midwest Steel today.

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    Midwest Steel Uses Demolition Robot to Demolish Reinforced Concrete Tower

    When a major construction firm needed an expert to demolish a huge spray tower at an Elemental Phosphorus Plant in the Rocky Mountain Region, they hired Midwest Steel Company.  This challenges posed by this project included demolishing the 570,000 pound, heavily-reinforced 2,500 PSI concrete tower without putting any workers on or close to the tower.  To overcome those challenges, Midwest Steel hauled a Brokk demolition robot over 2,000 miles to the job site, hoisted it to the top of the tower, and operating the robot remotely, demolished the tower safely to the ground.     

    Elemental Phosphorus Plant in the Rocky Mountain
    Using Demolition Robot used  to Demolish Tank
    Demolition Robot used to Demolish Reinforced Concrete Tower
    Demolition Robot used to Demolish Reinforced Concrete Tower
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