Where Demolition Companies Fit Into The Industrial Site Lifecycle

Dismantling and Demolition are part of the life cycle of any oil refinery or industrial site. The time comes when your company has extracted the most value possible from a facility or it’s no longer meeting your needs and you would like to build a new unit to produce a new product slate. That’s when you call in an experienced demolition company to handle the job. 

Whatever your reasons may be for hiring a demolition company, choosing the right people for the job can make a much bigger difference than most people realize. Ensuring that all environmental and safety regulations are observed to the letter, and getting the maximum ROI out of any used process equipment and scrap metals to be recycled are just a few of the things Midwest Steel can do for your company. 

Managing Scrap Metal With Efficiency

If there is one material that is found in abundance at oil refineries, plants, and manufacturing facilities — it’s scrap metal. One of the many benefits of working with demolition companies that have specific experience with your industry is that they know what to expect. Nothing that’s found at your site, nor any unforeseen eventuality is likely to catch them by surprise. More than that, they know how to ensure materials do not go to waste.

As per various sources, construction and demolition waste contribute to approximately 40% of America’s waste stream. So handling scrap metal properly not only puts money back on the balance sheet, but it’s also environmentally and socially responsible. More than that, scrap metal harvesting lowers the cost of your demolition job. You may even find that some parts and pieces can be repurposed at your own operations. What you can be sure of is that if Midwest Steel is handling your project, an experienced demolition company, it will be done with the maximum of efficiency. 

A Demolition Company That Handles Used Process Equipment Sales

Another area where Midwest Steel can be of service to you is used process equipment sales. The process equipment used at oil refineries and other industrial facilities isn’t cheap, but, luckily it tends to be very durable. That’s good for your bottom line because it means you can either reuse your equipment elsewhere or you can extract value from it after you’re done using it. Whichever route you choose, Midwest Steel can help. 

We handle used processed equipment sales regularly. We know how to evaluate the machinery your industry relies upon. We can get you great ROI on the equipment you no longer need, move equipment to a new site or sell you quality used process equipment from the large and varied inventory we maintain at our Houston lot set aside for process equipment alone. 

Partner with One of America’s Best Demolition Companies

America’s largest industrial corporations trust Midwest Steel to execute their essential plant demolitions and plant dismantling projects. Our reputation has been earned through over 50 years of experience. Five decades in this field have enabled us to develop systems, protocols and relationships that help get the job done efficiently and safely while saving you money. 

No plant dismantling or demolition project is too big for Midwest Steel. We handle them all. Find out Midwest Steel can help get your next project done on time and on budget by calling (713) 991-7843 today.