Efficient Plant Dismantling Requires Wise Resource Management 

When oil refinery owners and other key decision-makers consider who to choose as a plant demolition or plant dismantling partner they should always look at the big picture. There is much to consider in a project of this scale. 

Plant dismantling is often a critical step that must occur before a site can become operational and effective. Getting it done safely, on schedule, and within budget parameters is crucial. There’s a lot riding on your plant demolition or dismantling going according to plan. One of the factors that deserves your attention is the return on investment (ROI) of the endeavor. 

Dismantling To Upgrade or Repurpose Saves Time and Money

Another key benefit of plant dismantling and demolition is that it enables a much more rapid turnaround time to get a new or upgraded facility online. Planning and permitting for a new site can take as long as 8 years depending on the industry, state, and condition of the site.  

That’s potentially 8 years where your land and site are at sub-par productivity, at best. At worst, the site will actually be costing you money and losing you business during much of that time. By dismantling an existing site or facility, you can bypass the most time-consuming parts of the process and be up and running in closer to 8 months, rather than 8 years. 

Protecting Your Investments with Smart Plant Dismantling and Demolition

We’re usually used to thinking of ROI in terms of the products a site can produce or perhaps the value of a piece of land that has been appreciated. But consider the following: The equipment and resources involved in your plant dismantling are investments. 

Making certain that valuable industrial processing equipment is protected and handled properly so it can be redeployed or sold is important here. One of the many helpful services we provide at Midwest Steel is industrial equipment sales. 

Industrial Processing Equipment Sales and The Big Picture 

Whether you want to ensure you get the most value out of your equipment through resale, or you are looking to buy used process equipment, Midwest Steel is the partner to help you facilitate your goals. 

As a key decision-maker or important member of staff involved in day-to-day operations, you know that part of running a successful business is savvy resource management. This means not only knowing the value of your resources and used process equipment but also making sure that materials and equipment are pulling their weight. 

Anything that’s no longer acting as an asset or has become obsolete should be phased out of stock and you should extract the maximum value you can from it. When you partner with Midwest Steel for your plant dismantling or demolition, we streamline that process for you from start to finish. 

When you think about it, choosing a partner with the plant demolition and dismantling experience Midwest Steel has should be an easy decision.

Partner with Midwest Steel for Plant Demolition and Dismantling

America’s largest petrochemical corporations trust Midwest Steel to execute their essential plant demolitions and plant dismantling projects. Our reputation has been earned through over 50 years of experience. Five decades in this field have enabled us to develop systems, protocols and relationships that help get the job done efficiently and safely while providing excellent ROI on our projects. 
No plant dismantling or demolition project is too big for Midwest Steel. We handle them all. Find out Midwest Steel can help get your next project done on time and on budget by calling (713) 991-7843 today.